On-the-Job Injuries Suffered by Office Workers

Many work-related injuries happen in a dramatic way, like a big construction site accident. It’s easy, then, to forget that people working in offices are at risk also. Still, on-the-job injuries suffered by office workers can be devastating and cause lengthy rehabilitation. But do office-related work injuries qualify for workers’ comp? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the perils of working in an office.

Types of Office Injuries

The handbook provided by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission contains this answer to a question about what injuries and diseases are covered by workers’ comp law:

“The Workers’ Compensation Act provides that accidents that arise out of and in the course of employment are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. This generally means that the Act covers injuries that result in whole or in part from the employee’s work.”

Some of the common office-related injuries include:

  • Falling over furniture, file drawers, loose flooring, cables and wires, or objects blocking hallways.
  • Slipping on wet floors or environmental hazards, or due to poor lighting.
  • Lifting supplies, boxes, furniture, files, and so on.
  • Being struck by falling or flying objects.
  • Spine, back, and wrist injuries from repetitive motions or poorly positioned workstations.
  • Chronic conditions caused by sedentary jobs.
  • Seasonal affective disorder caused by low lighting at certain times of the year.
  • Chronic conditions or diseases from low levels of physical activity or office pollutants.
  • Violent attacks from co-workers or general members of the public.

While these injuries may not seem as serious as other injuries, on-the-job injuries suffered by office workers can be debilitating.

Treatment and Rehabilitation Can Take Time

There’s such a wide variety of office-related injuries, it is impossible to predict how long it will take to recover. In some cases, recovery will not happen at all.

Work-related injuries suffered by most Illinois employees may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. You just have to know how to get them.

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