My Employer Doesn’t Have Light Duty Work for Me. What Now?

Leo had worked as a roofer for more than ten years. The job` was pretty strenuous and quite dangerous, so it was no surprise when he was seriously injured in a fall. As he began to recover, Leo asked to come back to work. However, there was no way he could continue working on roofs. Instead, he asked his boss for light duty work. If you have never been in Leo’s situation, you may not understand what light duty work is and what to do if it is not available.

Can You Go Back to Work After a Job-Related Injury?

In some cases, you can go back to work and still retain at least some of your workers’ comp benefits. One way to do this is to return to your employer but at a different job. For example, a job that is not as strenuous as your previous job. This type of job is called light duty work.

Unfortunately, lighter work often means lighter pay. A worker who earns less money while performing this type of work may continue receiving benefits to make up at least some of the difference in pay. Such benefits are called temporary partial disability benefits.

For example, Leo’s boss allowed him to work in the office as soon as he was able. Leo continued to receive temporary partial disability payments to make up the difference between his pay as a roofer and his salary as an office worker.

However, sometimes employers do not have light duty work to offer.

What if Light Duty Work Is Not Available?

Generally, you should not have to return to your prior job unless your doctor says you are ready. You and your attorney may need to discuss the situation with your boss. Make sure your employer understands your work restrictions and can come up with light duty work that fits those restrictions.

When the employer has no job to offer, you may have to continue on temporary total disability. You may have to take disagreements to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for resolution.

Call an Illinois Workers’ Comp Attorney About Light Duty Work and Workers’ Comp

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