How to Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Sometimes help is available. We either don’t know about it or think it doesn’t apply to us. Workers’ compensation benefits are just one example of a useful benefit that not everyone can get. To qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, you have to meet certain criteria. That’s what we will look at in this article.

For Employees Only

Most Illinois workers meet the definition of “employee” under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (the “Act”):

  • Persons employed by the State of Illinois. Some employees, including firefighters, may only qualify for limited workers’ comp coverage. If you are a state employee, talk to an attorney about your eligibility.
  • People “in the service of another under any contract of his, express or implied, oral or written…” This probably covers most workers. You probably qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if someone hired you to perform work, with or without a contract.

Also, the Act may cover sole proprietors and business partners, but only if they elect that coverage. Real estate brokers, salesmen, and other people who work solely for commission usually are not eligible.

Are you an employee?

Employers and Workers’ Compensation

The Act requires employers to:

  • Buy workers’ compensation insurance or be approved as a self-insured employer.
  • Notify employees that they are covered.
  • Keep records about work-related injuries, and
  • Report injuries with three or more lost workdays to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (the “Commission”).

Employers are not allowed to charge employees for this insurance or discriminate against any employee who receives benefits.

An employer that does not comply with the Act faces harsh penalties.

Does your employer have workers’ compensation insurance?

Compensation for Work-Related Injuries

Only workers who have been injured at work or developed an occupational disease caused by job-related exposure qualify for this type of benefit. Work-related incidents obviously cause some injuries. However, some conditions result from prolonged exposure or repetitive motions.

Is your condition related to your employment?

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