Employer Disputes & Workers’ Comp: What You Need to Know

Disputes happen. People interpret situations differently or have conflicting opinions about even simple, short-term issues. But ignoring disputes about your worker’s comp. claim can have serious consequences: medical bills go unpaid, lost wages mean you can’t support yourself, and the missed opportunities for vocational rehabilitation delay your return to work.

Some of the most common disputes in a worker’s compensation case are about the cause of the accident and extent of the injury.

Does it matter who caused the accident?

In Illinois, benefits are usually paid to injured workers no matter who was at fault. If an employer’s reason for denying your claim relates to who caused the accident or illness, contact an attorney. Your Illinois workers’ compensation lawyer will know how to protect your rights and defend your valid claim.

Did your injuries happen at work?

Sometimes a company may claim that a worker was not injured at work or while performing job-related duties. The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act provides coverage for injuries “that result in whole or in part from the employee’s work.” If there’s any confusion about whether your occupation caused your injury or illness, speak with an attorney who specializes in protecting workers’ rights.

How bad is your injury or disability?

An insurance claims administrator will review the details of your incident, including medical records, and make several important, yet possibly controversial, decisions. The administrator may agree that you were injured at work, but greatly underestimate the extent of your injury or disability. Another possible conflict pertains to the type of treatment you will need and how much the insurance company is willing to pay. If you feel you have not received the right financial recovery from your employer or its insurance company, it’s time to call an Illinois worker’s compensation lawyer.

How much should you receive for lost wages or medical treatments?

Sometimes a claims administrator may agree that you were injured at work, but offer a settlement that does not adequately compensate for your injuries and lost wages. In this case, a claim can be filed with the Insurance Workers’ Compensation Commission. Paperwork will be submitted, evidence reviewed, and hearings or telephone calls held to determine the amount of compensation you deserve. The process of getting your full financial recovery can place more stress in your life. The advice of an expert could increase your recovery while lowering your stress level.

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