Common On-the-Job Hazards

Some jobs are simply more dangerous than others. Dangers vary from workplace to workplace, but just about every worker faces the potential of injury every day. In this article, we will cover some of the most common on-the-job hazards workers face today, separated into categories.

Physical On-the-Job Hazards

Workers may be harmed by obvious or subtle physical hazards, including:

  • Noise. People working near loud machines risk hearing impairment or loss.
  • Vibration. Some jobs place workers in positions where vibrating machinery or vehicles could cause work-related injuries.
  • Temperature. Working outside during hot weather or inside a very warm workplace can cause heatstroke or dehydration. Boiler room workers and welder easily could be overcome by heat.

People may also be hurt because of falling or having objects fall on them. Depending on the industry, moving vehicles or machinery may create a dangerous environment.

Biological Materials

Some workers handle or work near natural, but potentially harmful materials. Medical personnel often are exposed to germs and viruses that can cause certain forms of hepatitis, tuberculosis, and HIV.

Mold or other substances may fill some workplaces, causing employees to become ill.

Chemical Exposure

Asbestosis accounts for one of the most well-known work-related claims. However, jobs that require the use of solvents or other strong chemicals also can lead to health problems. Conditions could range from work-related asthma to certain forms of cancer.

Ergonomic or Repetitive Injuries

Employees at some workplaces are required to make the same motion over and over again. For example, warehouse employees may move heavy boxes all day. Assembly line workers may perform only one or two tasks to do during their shift. These people face repetitive motion injuries, including sprains, back strains, and nerve damage.


Sometimes job stress is internal, caused by an employer’s unreasonable demands. Other job stress may be caused by the very nature of the job, including:

Excessive stress may cause physical and psychological damage to workers. People may experience high blood pressure and heart trouble, as well as depression.

Injured Because of On-the-Job Hazards? You Do Have Options.

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