Can Your Office Make You Sick? Common On-the-Job Hazards

Construction sites are dangerous places. Likewise, warehouses, factories, coal mines, and steel mills all seem like places where the workers might be injured. What about a clean, climate-controlled office building, though? Can you get sick or injured from working in an office? In fact, there are a number of on-the-job hazards office workers face every day. We will look at a few of the most common dangers of the modern office.

Ergonomic Injuries

Sitting at a desk typing sometimes leads to on-the-job injuries through repetitive motions or poor posture. Carpal tunnel syndrome probably is one of the most well-known ergonomic injuries. By the way, ergonomic relates to equipment designed for efficiency and comfort at work.

Poor posture from incorrect placement of chairs, desks, keyboards, and monitors can contribute to muscle strains and pain.

Poor Lighting

Office workers tend to spend a lot of time looking at computer screens. This, coupled with poor lighting, can cause eye strain. Can eye strain be considered a disability or injury that qualified for workers’ compensation? Yes, if it meets all the requirements to be considered a work-related injury that prevents you from working.

People’s eyes may dry out while working on computers because they don’t blink enough. This could lead to eye injuries.

Lighting issues can cause other injuries, though. For example, a lack of proper lights could cause people to injury themselves by tripping and falling over  unseen objects.

Respiratory Problems

The indoor air quality of your office may be considered an on-the-job hazard. Things that might signal your office air is unhealthy include:

  • Inadequate ventilation systems;
  • Office overcrowding;
  • Chemicals and pesticides;
  • Lack of air flow;
  • Unclean ventilation systems;
  • Unclean offices; and
  • Water damage and mold.

Respiratory diseases or conditions that may be caused by an office include occupational asthma, chemical sensitivities, allergies, colds, and flu.

Common On-the-Job Hazards May Lead to a Workers’ Comp Claim

It does not matter whether your injury or exposure occurred in an office or a warehouse. Most on-the-job injuries are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. But you need someone knowledgeable to walk you through the system.

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