Are Electricians Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Jake knew the dangers of being an electrician before he even began his apprenticeship. Now, ten years later, Jake still enjoyed the career he had chosen. He did worry about what would happen if he suffered an on-the-job injury. Would his injuries be covered by his employer? What if the worst happened – would his family receive death benefits? And are all employees, including electricians, covered by workers’ compensation insurance?

What is Workers’ Comp?

Compensation for injured employees is made possible in Illinois by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act (the “Act”). Enforcement of the Act is done by a group called the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (the “Commission”).

Injured workers can apply to the Commission for workers’ compensation benefits. If denied, the Commission has an appeals process to give the claim further review.

Are all workers covered by Workers’ Comp?

Most Illinois workers are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, including:

  • People who perform a service.
  • Temporary workers, but the temp agency pays for the insurance.
  • Interns and unpaid workers cannot .receive lost income, of course, but may receive compensation for necessary medical treatment.
  • Independent contractors sometimes are eligible, but their eligibility can be difficult to prove.

Note that Illinois workers’ comp laws cover:

  • Workers whose on-the-job injuries occurred in Illinois;
  • Employees whose work mainly occurs within Illinois; and
  • Workers with a contract of hire originating in Illinois.

So, if Jake works as an electrician, he is performing a service for which he is paid. In Jake’s case, he contracted to work in Illinois and primarily works in Illinois. His work-related injuries, medical conditions caused by exposure, or death probably will be covered by Illinois workers’ compensation laws.

Have you been injured on the job?

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