5 Types of Construction Jobs

When people think of construction jobs, they may visualize a worker standing on the beam of a skyscraper. Others may think of bulldozers, bricklayers, and manual laborers. However, Illinois law classifies employees that are considered to be working at construction jobs. Some types of construction jobs may surprise you.

The Employee Classification Act

This law was enacted in part to prevent employers from calling their workers independent contractors. The type of worker you are can affect whether you qualify for workers’ compensation or not. Generally, workers’ compensation laws do not cover independent contractors in Illinois. However, most employees are covered.

The Construction Jobs Definition

The Employee Classification Act (820 ILCS 185/5) contains a definition of the term “construction.” The following types of jobs should be considered construction jobs under this law:

  • Constructing. The word “constructing” usually means building or erecting something. Whether the job involves building a road or an oil rig, it’s a construction job.
  • Demolishing. On the other hand, demolishing seems the opposite of construction. However, construction workers often have to tear down structures before construction begins.
  • Moving Construction Material. Surprisingly, just moving materials like lumber, stone, bricks, and so on is considered a construction job.
  • Remodeling. A job that involves only altering a current structure can also be considered a construction job. After all, an extensive remodel might include demolition, moving materials around, and construction.
  • Decorating. This classification may seem unusual. However, ‘decorating’ a structure can involve more than just hanging a few pictures. The fact that this is included in the definition of “construction” could mean that an employee involved in decorating a structure is considered a construction worker.

Working at any construction site is considered one of the most dangerous jobs. Employees who are injured may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Employees in All Types of Construction Jobs May Be Covered

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