10 Common Construction Injuries and How to Get the Compensation You Need

New construction is exciting. We may eagerly watch as buildings rise from the ground up. However, construction sites are known for something else – danger. In 2016, at least 991 construction workers lost their lives due to on-the-job injuries. Many others received injuries from minor to life-changing. In this article, we will look at 10 common construction injuries and how workers may get the compensation they deserve.

Construction Injuries

Of all the ways a construction worker might be injured, the following 10 injuries are most common:

  1. Cuts and lacerations caused by falls, defective tools, exposed nails, and sharp edges, which may lead to serious infections.
  2. Stress injuries may occur when workers engage in repetitive movements while listing, bending, and twisting.
  3. Heat stroke is a hazard because construction goes on year round, in all weather conditions.
  4. Bone injuries may happen while using heavy machinery or from falls.
  5. Spinal cord injuries that can cause lasting damage are common because construction workers often work on high parts of a construction site.
  6. Burns may happen because of fires, explosions, exposed wiring, toxic chemicals, and leaking pipes.
  7. Head injuries may include concussions, cuts and lacerations, and traumatic brain injuries.
  8. Limb or digit injuries may lead to loss of use or even amputation.
  9. Loss of hearing happens when workers are exposed to loud noises common to building sites, but also when workers are struck in the head by falling objects or machinery.
  10. Vision loss typically happens when constructions workers are exposed to chemicals, fumes, or gases.

What kind of help can injured construction workers get?

Workers’ Compensation for Construction Injuries

First, the employee needs to report their injury or exposure to their boss and get medical treatment. The employer is required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance company should pay for medical treatment and possibly lost wages. The amount of assistance the worker receives depends on the injury and their individual level of disability. Sometimes injured employees have to file a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission to get the compensation they need.

Applying for workers’ compensation is not easy. The system is complicated, so you need help.

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