Three Industries with the Most Workplace Fatalities

No one wants to think that they may go to work one day but never make it home. However, the risk of fatal injury is higher for some occupations than others because of the workplace or job duties. According to one study, most workplace fatalities centered around three industries.

Dangerous Workplaces and Workplace Fatalities

Every workplace has some risk, even seemingly safe jobs like working in an office environment. However, according to the National Safety Council, the following industries had the highest number of preventable workplace fatalities in 2016-2017:

  • Construction,
  • Transportation, and
  • Warehousing.

Each of these industries may involve machinery and manual lifting. Even with proper training and safety equipment, workers suffer on-the-job injuries, illnesses, and sometimes death. In fact, the most common incidents involve:

  • Transportation-related accidents;
  • Falling objects and moving equipment;
  • Unintentional overdoses;
  • Violence from other person or from animals; and
  • Fatal falls, slips, and trips.

When an employee dies because of a work-related incident, are any benefits available for their surviving loved ones?

Workplace Fatalities and Workers’ Comp

Workers’ compensation insurance may cover an individual who is injured or becomes ill because of work-related incident or exposure. Most of the time, we think of workers’ comp benefits in terms of injuries, not deaths. However, death benefits may be available for surviving family members after workplace fatalities.

If necessary, the survivor may file a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (the “Commission”). The death benefit claim usually must be filed within three years after the worker died, but there are some exceptions.

The burial benefit of $8,000 may be available for deaths that occurred after February 1, 2006. The survivors’ benefit is typically two-thirds of the deceased employee’s gross average weekly wage during the year before the incident. However, there are minimum and maximum limits on this benefit.

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