Injured at the Airport – Compensation for Travel-Related Injuries

Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, you’d like everything to go well. However, trips don’t always go as expected. For example, on a flight from New York to Chicago, Angela M. fell over debris that the flight attendant had left in the aisle. Her broken knee required several surgeries before she was back to normal. At O’Hare, a man named Sam was struck by a piece of falling scaffolding while walking toward his departure gate. Unfortunately, his injuries caused permanent paralysis. Finally, Sally was being helped to the plane by airport personnel and a flight attendant. Unfortunately, she broke her hip when they dropped her. All three of these people were injured at the airport or on a plane. They deserve compensation for their injuries! The problem is figuring out who is responsible.

General Personal Injury

If another person has harmed you, that party may be responsible for compensating you for your injuries. However, property damage is not the same as personal injury. Instead, a personal injury claim or lawsuit may result from an injury to someone’s body, mind, or emotions.

The important part is to make your claim against the person or entity that caused the injury. With travel-related injuries, it may be hard to determine who that responsible party is.

Where and Who Matters

Considering the examples mentioned above, the responsible parties might be the airline, the airport manager, or both.

  • In the first example, Angela was injured while on the plane itself, not in the airport. If she files a personal injury claim, it may be against the airline only.
  • The injury in the second example occurred while moving about in the airport terminal. In this case, Sam may have a good case against the airport management and any contractors they hired.
  • However, Sally may have a claim against both the airport management and the airline.

If your trip ends in the emergency room because you were injured while traveling, contact an attorney immediately.

Have You or a Loved One Suffered Travel-Related Injuries

If so, you may be able to get compensation for those injuries.

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