Do I Need to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Linda’s accident two weeks ago really shook her world. She was recovering from the shock and physical injuries. But her car wasn’t fixed yet and the bills kept coming in even though she was unable to work. Even worse, insurance adjusters were calling, sometimes with questions and sometimes with offers of compensation. She didn’t know where to turn. At this point, she needs to consider whether to hire a personal injury lawyer.

Understanding the Insurance Company

An experienced personal injury attorney knows how insurance companies work. This is where experience becomes important. After working on personal injury cases, including car accidents, your attorney can advise you on how to talk to insurance company staff. In some cases, your attorney may tell you not to talk to anyone about the accident unless he or she is present.

Insurance companies sometimes make cash offers soon after an accident occurs. It may be difficult for you to know whether it’s a good offer or not. When insurers do make offers, your attorney can review the offers.

You need the help of a personal injury lawyer.

Assessing the Claim

The facts about your accident may make a difference in whether you have a claim and how much money you deserve. Your attorney understands personal injury claims, how they are processed, when a lawsuit might need to be filed, and more.

Your personal injury lawyer may help you get the most compensation possible.

Defending a Case

After suffering a personal injury, you may have a claim against the person who caused the injury. Sometimes, they may also have a claim against you. If so, you will need someone to defend you. An experienced attorney who understands how to file a claim likely knows how to defend against one also.

A personal injury lawyer will have your back.

Preserving Your Right to Compensation

In Illinois, you typically only have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, does that two year time period start on the date of the accident or at a later time? Talk to an attorney to find out.

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