Signs of Abuse in Nursing Home Residents Suffering from Dementia

People with dementia are some of the most highly vulnerable members of society. Since dementia refers to more than one type of memory loss, it’s likely you know someone who suffers from a form of dementia. It’s also possible that anyone you know with dementia needs the 24/7 skilled care you find at a long-term care facility. However, if you have a loved one in a nursing home, you may need to watch for signs of abuse.

What Is Dementia?

This is not actually one condition. It’s a number of conditions that show up a person loses the ability to think, remember, and reason.

It is common for people to have trouble remembering things as they grow older. However, dementia is more than just forgetting where you left your keys. Dementia sufferers may have trouble with visual perception, problem solving, focus and paying attention, and communication. Being unable to communicate can make it difficult for others to recognize abuse of nursing home residents suffering from dementia.

Watching for Signs of Abuse

As with other nursing home residents, you need to look for the following signs of abuse:

  • Bruises, scratches, welt marks;
  • Fear of the staff;
  • Poor hygiene;
  • Over- or under-medication; and
  • Broken or missing property, including glasses and hearing aids.

Since people with dementia have trouble reasoning and paying attention, they may also be susceptible to financial abuse. If this is happening, you may see signs of:

  • Missing money, bank books, and checks;
  • New names on bank accounts and credit cards;
  • Being overcharged for services; and
  • Theft of personal property.

Recognizing signs of abuse are difficult in the best of circumstances. The poor communication ability of dementia patients makes abuse much harder to notice.

Do You See Signs of Abuse in a Loved One Suffering from Dementia?

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