Serious Infections and Other Signs of Nursing Home Neglect

If someone you love lives in a nursing home, you know what it means to worry and feel uncertain. Is your family member getting the best care possible? Are the nursing home staff meeting your loved one’s needs? Even though you cannot be with them every day, you can watch for serious infections and other signs of nursing home neglect each time you visit.

Is your loved one suddenly taking antibiotics?

Serious infections may require strong medication. Watch for unusual changes, like sudden or long-term use of antibiotics that may indicate infections are present. Also, signs that bed sores have developed could mean that the nursing home staff are neglectful.

Does your loved one look unkempt?

Personal hygiene is important, even as we age. Signs of neglect could include:

  • Hair that is dirty and unbrushed,
  • Clothes that are dirty or torn, and
  • Clothing that is not appropriate for the temperature.

Such obvious signs of nursing home neglect could mean your loved one is being neglected in other ways also.

Do you see signs of malnutrition or dehydration?

A nursing home resident who appears very hungry or thirsty could have been neglected by the staff. Malnutrition may show up as unexpected weight loss. Dry, cracked lips and skin could mean that nursing home neglect is a problem.

Have any medical conditions worsened unexpectedly?

Many older adults suffer from conditions that require regular doses of medication. Has your loved one’s condition suddenly gotten worse? You may need to speak with nursing home personnel as soon as possible. If your loved one is receiving the correct amount of medicine, a doctor may need to review their condition to see if a medication change would help.

Talk to an Illinois Attorney Who Understands Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes have a duty to care for their residents. When they fail to provide that care, you may be entitled to compensation for their neglect.

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