Nursing Home Neglect in High-Priced Facilities

Sometimes the more expensive option is not the best. Or maybe it just does not offer the protection you expect. Sam’s mom, Emma, could no longer take care of herself at home due to advanced Alzheimer’s. Fortunately, money was no obstacle for Sam because he had enough to pay for the best nursing home in the area. Upscale furnishings and lavish landscaping beautifully decorated the facilities. Unfortunately, though, he noticed signs of nursing home neglect only three months after moving her to the home. Sam and Emma learned the hard way that nursing home neglect happens in high-priced facilities, just like at the lower-priced options.

Elements of Nursing Home Neglect

The first problem was noticing signs of possible neglect. A new nursing home resident might take some time to settle in and get comfortable with the situation. Also, the staff will have to learn the best ways to take care of their new patient.

However, nursing home neglect might be present if you notice the following:

  • Dirty or torn clothing,
  • Unbrushed hair and teeth,
  • Unusual smells,
  • Dry lips and skin,
  • Bedsores and infections,
  • Unexplained bruises and cuts,
  • Unusual weight loss,
  • Uncleaned facilities and bed, and
  • Medical conditions worsen as if the patient is not receiving medication.

You may also notice that the staff don’t seem to know your loved one very well. It could be they have basically abandoned your loved one, completely ignoring their needs.

Unfortunately, having the most beautiful building and furnishings does not always translate into having the best care. And care, after all, is why you are there.

Nursing Homes Owe a Duty of Care

The owners, management, and staff at nursing homes have a duty to care for their patients. This duty is set out by state and federal law, including the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act.

When nursing homes fail to meet their duty of care, the result is nursing home neglect. And when people are injured because of nursing home neglect, they may be entitled to receive compensation for their damages.

One way to make sure your loved one gets the best care possible is to check out homes before moving anyone in. As you visit homes, look for signs of nursing home neglect, even in high-priced facilities. Also, you can review quarterly reports of nursing home violators compiled by the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Talk to an Illinois Attorney Who Understands What You Need

Protect your loved ones by looking beyond how ‘nice’ a facility looks. Even the highest-priced facilities can have flaws that result in nursing home neglect.

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