How an Illinois Nursing Home Lawyer Can Help

Sometimes we all need a little help. An older or disabled person may need the kind of assistance that is primarily offered in long-term care facilities and nursing homes. For instance, Mary’s family noticed changes in her behavior and her general appearance shortly after she moved into a residential facility. They realized that nursing home personnel were opening Mary’s mail and limiting contact with her family and friends. She seemed unkempt and mentally altered, both unusual for her. After a few months, Mary’s health had deteriorated to the point she needed hospitalization. Mary and her family looked for answers and help with the problems they faced. An Illinois nursing home lawyer may provide the assistance they need.

Recognizing Legal Problems

Residents of nursing homes and their families may find themselves dealing with some or all of the following legal issues:

  • Contracts. Nursing homes typically get new residents to sign contracts before moving in. Failing to understand the fine print in the contract may lead to serious legal consequences.
  • Abuse and Neglect. Owners and staff have a duty of care to the residents of their facility. Breaching that duty of care may lead to complaints about abuse or neglect.
  • Noncompliance. Facilities that fail to comply with state, local, and federal laws may endanger their residents. Your attorney may advise you about how to watch for noncompliance issues and address them.

Identifying problems is one thing. Solving them may be difficult or impossible without the assistance of an attorney.

Offering Possible Solutions

When you talk about your situation with an Illinois nursing home lawyer, he or she may offer advice about the following:

  • Protecting your rights. When you move into a nursing facility, you do not give up your rights. In fact, Illinois law protects the rights of people living in long-term care homes.
  • Making sure you get the care you need. You should get what the doctor ordered and only what the doctor ordered.
  • Pursue compensation for injuries and damage. Unfortunately, you or a loved one may suffer injuries while living in a nursing home. You may be entitled to compensation from the nursing home or its insurer.

Fortunately, some attorneys focus their practice on representing residents and their families as they struggle with nursing home issues.

When You Need an Illinois Nursing Home Lawyer, We Can Help.

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