Did Your Loved One Suffer Emotional Abuse at a Nursing Home?

You may start to notice that your Grandpa Joe is not acting like his usual self. He just seems a little off. At first, you just assume that it’s natural for people to become quieter as they age. However, as the behavior worsens, you wonder if it’s possible to suffer emotional abuse at a nursing home? You may have questions that this blog may answer.

What is emotional abuse?

It can also be known as psychological abuse. In a nursing home situation, emotional abuse might take the form of:

  • Harassing a patient;
  • Isolating a resident;
  • Threatening or intimidating language or behavior; or
  • Insulting, name calling, or demeaning language.

Emotional abuse can also show up as physical abuse or neglect. Whatever form it takes, emotional abuse can be difficult to catch. Nursing home staff may only mistreat the residents when family members are not around.

What are some of the sign of emotional abuse?

Like Grandpa Joe mentioned above, you may notice that your loved one is quieter than usual. They may stop telling you about what goes on during their daily lives. You may notice they seem afraid when certain staff members are around, or they seem frightened when you ask questions.

You may even see signs of neglect in their personal hygiene. Unfortunately, there may be subtle signs of physical abuse also.

Does this really happen at nursing homes?

Many nursing homes take great care of their residents. However, some are not so careful. Even at a good home, some of the workers may start mistreating the elderly people living there.

If you notice signs that a loved one is suffering emotional abuse at a nursing home, act immediately to protect them. They may also be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering.

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