4 Things You Need to Know About Nursing Home Neglect

Whether you or a loved one live in a long-term care facility, you need to understand how to recognize signs of nursing home neglect. It’s not always easy to spot. However, proper care is critical to a resident’s quality of life.

Caregivers Have a Duty of Care

Based on the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act (the “Act”), caregivers have to maintain a certain level of care. A caregiver’s responsibility includes:

  • Providing the quality of care required by law.
  • Protecting patients from neglect and abuse.
  • Following prescribed medical treatments and procedures.
  • Using restraints only when necessary and with informed consent.
  • Administering drugs only when it is necessary for the patient’s treatment.

Failing to provide the right standard of care can lead to fines, penalties, and civil lawsuits.

Nursing Home Neglect May Be Unintentional

Sometimes neglect and abuse are intentional. However, there are situations where caregivers fail their patients unintentionally. For instance, nursing home neglect may occur when:

  • Staff members are poorly trained and ignorant of certain standards of care.
  • A patient may not initially appear to need treatment.
  • Staff members may become confused and think another staff member provided care.
  • Nursing homes may be understaffed, with its staff stretched beyond their ability to work with each patient.

Just because nursing home neglect is unintentional does not mean it is okay.

Neglected Residents Can Be Harmed by Neglect

It is important to understand that lack of care can lead to grave consequences. Failing to brush a resident’s hair might be considered neglect that is not harmful.

However, staff people harm their patients when they:

  • fail to check on patients,
  • provide the wrong medication accidentally,
  • don’t provide the support patients need to move around safely,
  • fail to provide the right level of personal hygiene care, and
  • neglect to turn bedfast patients, which can result in bedsores.

If you notice small signs of neglect like unkempt clothes or a dirty face, look for signs of major nursing home neglect also.

Finally, You May Be Compensated for Nursing Home Neglect

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