What Is a Lawsuit?

You may have heard the words “litigation” and “lawsuit.” It’s also likely that you have watched a television show or movie that revolved around a case being heard in the courtroom. The drama looks exciting, but you may be left wondering, “What is a lawsuit?”

Lawsuits, Generally

A lawsuit is “a case in a court of law involving a claim, complaint, etc. by one party against another.” During litigation, a lawsuit is filed and proceeds through the court system.

People involved in a lawsuit include:

  • Plaintiff. This is the person who files the lawsuit.
  • Defendant. The person or entity that is being sued is the defendant.
  • Attorneys. People can represent themselves in court, although that usually is not recommended. The plaintiff and defendant typically are represented by lawyers.
  • Judge. During a hearing or a trial, the judge controls the courtroom and makes decisions.
  • Witnesses. The parties to the lawsuit may or may not call witnesses to testify at trial.

Sometimes a lawsuit is heard by a jury, while other times only the judge hears it.

Common Disputes that May Become Lawsuits

Almost any argument may turn into litigation, unless the matter resolves through settlement, arbitration, or mediation. Some disputes often lead to lawsuits:

  • Nursing Home Injuries and Neglect,
  • Contractual Disputes,
  • Harassment,
  • Employment Disputes,
  • Automobile Accidents, and
  • Industrial and construction accidents.

Personal injury lawsuits may be filed when someone has been physically injured, such as during a car crash or because of an unsafe condition. When someone is injured by another person – whether the injuries are physical or monetary – they may be compensated through litigation.

You May Find Yourself in a Situation Where You Need a Lawyer

Maybe you or someone you know is involved in a serious dispute or has been injured by another person. If so, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

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