Your Dad Is Losing Weight. Is This Nursing Home Abuse?

After six months in his new nursing home, your Dad is losing weight so fast that his clothes are starting to hang on him. He seems to have dropped several clothing sizes and you are concerned. The first thought is that maybe he is ill or has a medical condition that is causing the weight loss. However, there’s another reason, one that you may not want to face. Your Dad could be losing weight because of nursing home abuse.

Recognizing Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

As you visit your loved ones who live in nursing facilities, watch for the following signs that something is not right:

  • Dry, cracked lips;
  • Dry mouth that makes it difficult to speak;
  • Seems to have too much or too little medication on hand;
  • Often seem hungry or thirsty;
  • Appear weak or disoriented;
  • Urine seems dark yellow; and
  • Skin seems loose or dryer than usual.

Tell your loved one’s doctor about any changes in a nursing home resident’s condition. This is especially true if you feel that nursing home abuse or neglect is involved.

Nursing Home Resident Have Rights

People do not give up their rights when they move to a nursing facility. Those rights include the right to be free from nursing home abuse and neglect. They also have the right to get medical treatment when a doctor orders it.

Illinois also passed the Nursing Home Care Act to set out laws specific to the care of nursing home residents. For example, the law provides standards for diet and nutrition. In addition, nursing homes are required to have a comprehensive resident care plan that includes “measurable objectives and timetables to meet the resident’s medical, nursing, mental and psychosocial needs …” Making sure residents receive the right nutrition is a big part of meeting the resident’s needs.

You and your loved one also may have the right to certain types of compensation.

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