Top Reasons You Should Not Talk to an Insurance Adjuster

After his serious car accident, Tony made many phone calls – to his family, his boss, his insurance company, and more. Then he received a message from the other driver’s insurance company. Tony’s friends told him not to talk to an insurance adjuster, but he did not want to be rude or delay any settlement he might get. Tony’s friends were right. There are some very good reasons you should not talk to an insurance adjuster.

Your Call Is Probably Being Recorded

In fact, an insurance adjuster may come right out and ask you to give a recorded statement. Most of the time, you will want to say no to this request, especially if you have not talked to an experienced Illinois personal injury attorney. There is a good possibility you may accidentally say something wrong. You probably won’t know that you made a mistake, but the insurance adjuster will.

They May Turn Innocent Mistakes Into ‘Inconsistent Statements”

This reason ties in with the previous reason. For example, you might talk to an insurance adjuster and say you only have a broken leg. After further medical examinations, you find out that you actually have damage to your spinal cord. The insurance adjuster may claim that you made up the spinal cord injury because you did not mention it in your first (probably recorded) statement.

You May Be Asked to Sign Medical Release Forms

An insurance adjuster may ask you to sign all kinds of forms. Even if you think you understand that language on the form, don’t sign anything without your attorney’s advice. Laws are extremely complex. Unfortunately, what seems like a simple form to you may have long-term negative consequences.

An Insurance Adjuster Doesn’t Work for YOU.

This statement is one of the most important things to remember. No matter how warm and friendly they are, insurance adjusters do not truly have your best interests at heart.

Their loyalties lie with their employer, which is the insurance company. Insurance adjusters have to follow company protocols as they try to make the best deal possible for the insurance company.

They May Pressure You to Take Low-Ball Settlement

The primary goal of an insurance adjuster usually involves getting you to accept a smaller payout than you deserve. Remember that they have a good idea of what your case is worth but are not likely to offer top dollar.

This brings us to another reason not to give a recorded statement. You may accidentally agree to a settlement while you talk to an insurance adjuster. You should almost never accept a settlement offer without your attorney’s advice.

Insurance Adjusters May Tell You Not to Hire an Attorney.

Like we said earlier – they do not have your best interests at heart.

We do.

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