Recovering from an Auto Accident

Sylvia never though it could happen to her. But, one day, she was seriously injured in an auto accident. Her family helped, but there was so much to do. She was left wondering what others did while recovering from an auto accident.

Working with Doctors and Medical Providers After an Auto Accident

Injuries from a car crash can be as simple as a few aches and pains. Some victims of auto accidents, however, suffer from long-lasting, life-changing injuries. It’s very possible that someone injured in an accident may have to sue the other drivers to pay for their expensive medical care and lost wages.

After an accident, you can help your case and the attorney who is fighting for you by:

  • Going to all doctor’s appointments;
  • Cooperating with your medical providers; and
  • Following your doctor’s instructions.

Failing to do so may make it appear you were not really hurt or that your injuries are not as bad as they really are.

Working with Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident

You have to report the accident to your own insurance company immediately after the accident.

However, we cannot emphasize this enough:

Talk to an attorney before talking to any insurance company other than your own.

Insurers may make you a settlement offer. While the money they offer is tempting, do not accept without talking to your attorney first.

Working with Your Attorney After an Auto Accident

Your attorney is there to work for you, to represent you, and to make sure you receive everything you deserve. You can help, though:

  • Keep any records related to the accident, like police reports, correspondence from insurance companies, and medical bills.
  • Stay in contact with your attorney.
  • If you move or get a new phone number, give your new contact information to your attorney.

The Number One Thing You Can Do to Recover After an Auto Accident.

Take care of yourself. Rest. Follow your doctor’s orders. Let your family, friends, and attorney help you.

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