Car Accident Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

Blue and red lights flashed around Jason and Carrie. First responders rushed around the multi-vehicle accident helping those in need and trying to prevent further trauma. It was a confusing time, complicated by their injuries and the damage to their cars. If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you may have experienced the same feelings of panic and worry. And you may be entitled to compensation from an insurance company or from one of the other drivers. If you are not able to settle your claim, it may be time to consider suing. When it comes to car accident lawsuits, you need to understand what to do.

Things to Do

  • Get contact information for any other drivers involved in the accident. This information is needed when you file your insurance claim. It also is helpful if you need to file a lawsuit.
  • Most automobile accidents have to be reported to the state or local authorities. If anyone is injured or killed in the accident, or if property damage tops $1500, you need to file a report with the local police department, local sheriff’s office, or the Illinois State Police. In addition to complying with the law, police reports may be used as evidence in car accident lawsuits.
  • Contact your automobile insurance company immediately after the crash.
  • Limit communication with any other insurance companies, especially if you don’t have an attorney yet.
  • Find an experienced Illinois personal injury lawyer to handle your case.

Car Accident Lawsuits May Lead to Compensation for Your Damages

How much you receive from a car accident lawsuit depends on the facts of your case. As you might expect, an accident that causes more damage may be suing for more compensation.

Some of the claims that may be made in a lawsuit include:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Property damage, to your car or other property;
  • Lost wages;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Wrongful death, if someone died because of the car crash.

Many factors go into the filing of a lawsuit and determining the compensation  you deserve. It helps to have an experienced advocate at your side.

Injured in a Car Accident? You May Be Eligible for Compensation

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