3 Types of Compensation You Can Get for an Auto Accident

Car crashes can take a real emotional, physical, and financial toll on the people involved. Even a simple accident may cause losses that make you look for compensation. In this article, we will look at three of the types of compensation you can get for an auto accident. Of course, you will want to speak with an attorney to make sure you get everything possible.

Lost Wages May Be Recovered

An accident victim’s income may suffer while he or she recovers from the collision. If you are unable to work because of injuries caused by another person, you may claim lost wages from either:

  • the other person’s insurance company,
  • your insurance company, or
  • as part of a lawsuit filed against the person who caused your injuries.

In some cases, an accident victim may even recover for lost earning capacity. This claim may arise if the injured party’s ability to earn income in the future was affected by the accident. Your attorney can advise whether claims for lost wages or lost earning capacity are appropriate in your case.

Medical Expenses Can Be Covered

Even a simple fender bender may send those involved to the hospital, at least for a checkup. Serious collisions may put drivers and passengers under a doctor’s care for months or years. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, there were 311,679 crashes in 2017 that injured 93,517 people. Over 12,000 people received serious, incapacitating injuries.

In an “at-fault” state like Illinois, the person who caused the accident usually is liable for damages to other parties. Such damages may include the cost of medical treatment needed to recover from an accident. Again, your personal injury lawyer can explain the type of compensation you can get to cover your medical expenses.

Compensation for Property Damage May Be Possible

Car crashes often damage property. In addition to the automobile, items inside the car may be damaged. A property damage claim may include things outside the car. For example, one or more vehicles may crash into structures or fences.

To recover for property damage, people usually file claims with one or more insurance companies. Sometimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit. To see what compensation you can get, consult with an experienced Illinois lawyer today.

Have You Been Harmed in an Auto Accident?

Laws regarding the compensation you can get after an accident are complicated. In some cases, the courts can use modified comparative negligence to determine compensation. In other words, each party could be partially to blame for the accident.

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